Did you leave your bathers back at the hotel?  The Swanbourne Nudist Beach might just solve your problem.
The Life On Perth team are fortunate enough to own swimwear, so have never had the need to test the Swanbourne sands. We did summon up the courage one afternoon, though were intimidated by the welcoming sign.  It wasnít the dumping surf, dangerous snakes, or even the fear of walking around naked. We were just a little uneasy about the live firing advice.  Being totally exposed might be a thrill, but being totally exposed to live rifle fire is just plain dangerous.
The Naked Gun

The nude section of Swanbourne Beach is a couple of hundred metres north of the family area.  Mix these two up, and you could be in big trouble!  The whole nudist thing is totally unofficial, but tolerated only because the beach is on army land.

Some people visit a nudist beach for the sights.  Swanbourne is no different, except our sights sit on top of rifles.  There is a live rifle range behind the dunes, so youíll need more than 30+ sunscreen to protect your privates on firing days.  Even on a cold winterís day, Swanbourne will always have an arsenal behind the dunes.
Nude-clear Weapon en-route to another world flash point.
Nude-Clear weapon en-route to another world flash point.
Welcome to Swanbourne Nudist Beach!
Welcome to Swanbourne Nudist Beach!

The Naked Truth
People have been going nude at the beach since the end of World War Two.  Being located on military land, the beach has always had a strong affiliation with our armed forces.  Beach numbers have been fairly consistent every summer, though declined briefly during the Cold War.  Special red courtesy flags are flown on the live firing days.  Swanbourne is the only beach in the world where people are advised not to swim between the flags. During the live war games, all nudist activity is restricted to the Demilitarized Zone.  This is a small area immediately north of the family area. Once the firing has ceased, and the beach cleared of unexploded ordinance, the nudists can then return to their towels.  Caution must still be exercised in retrieving any small items (keys etc.), left buried in the sand.
Swanbourne Nudist Beach and dune system.
Swanbourne Nudist Beach:  Covert activity behind the sand dunes is restricted to military personnel.  

WARNING!  Our armed forces do not give any advanced notification of the firing days, as they prefer the tactical advantage of surprise. The area behind the dunes is strictly off limits.  Any nudist caught in this area will be detained, and promptly strip searched.

For Your Eyes Only 
The military facility which is located behind the nudist beach plays an important role in Australiaís national security.  Many high resolution spy photos taken of the area have been deemed too sensitive for public release, mainly because of full frontal nudity! 
For Your Eyes Only.
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