Surfing The Cape

The Leeuwin-Naturaliste coastline is one of the world's favourite surfing destinations.  With a multitude of diverse breaks, there is a wave to suit every type of surfer.  Just don't tackle the "Gallows" on your first day.

Surfer At Cowaramup Bay.

Surfing at Cowaramup Bay.

Surfing is both a lifestyle, and science down this part of the world. For those wondering why the waves are so good, it all comes done to a couple of environmental factors.  It's a classic mix of amazing granite coastal features, abundant limestone reefs, and powerful south-west ground swells.  Add to that a boogie board, and you too could be sitting out the back, waiting for some of the world's best waves.


Wave choice is difficult at Cowaramup Bay, as there are just so many of them.

Cruising on a relaxing wave.

Popular reef breaks to visit include Margaret River, Yallingup, and Cowaramup Bay.  Access to these locations is very easy, however many surfers will walk down long bush tracks, and climb sea cliffs to find secluded locations.  Spots such as the, "Other Side Of The Moon", might give you some idea as to their accessibility.  Likewise, names such as the "Guillotine", will hint at what level of expertise is required.  Perhaps it might be safer to sit out the back of the "Beach Cafe", and catch the more relaxing coffee break.

Surfer on an easy wave, cruising
towards the shore at Yallingup.



Even if you never catch a wave, there is nothing quite like sitting out the back.  I grabbed the trusty disposable camera, and swam out from Yallingup.  Pictured here is a newly broken wave surging towards the shore.  After breaking, the water sizzles like a giant spa, as millions of air bubbles rush to the surface.

Sitting Out The Back.


Yallingup:  Any further "out the back" and we would be in international waters.

The Bombie - a good 15 minutes swim from the shore.

A jet skier and surfer, ride the Bombie off Prevelly Park.

A Word Of Caution:  Be careful out there!  While there is a wave to suit every level of expertise, it must be remembered that the South-West produces some of the world's finest, and most powerful waves.  Once you swim out to the break, the waves always look twice as big.  It is important to be a strong swimmer, and always surf with a buddy.  Observe the surfing etiquette, and the locals should keep an eye out for you.   Though if in doubt - Sit it out.


Surfers Next 10 km.


Beware of Unexpected Waves.


Drive Carefully - Surfers Next 10 km.


Beware of Unexpected Waves.



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