Surf On Perth

Just like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Perth Beaches develop entirely different personalities during the winter months.  That friendly guy you got to like during the summer, can turn into a real monster mid year.  Unless you enjoy surfing.

Surfer at Mettam's Pool performing a bottom turn.

Mettam's Pool.

Trigg Beach On A Family Day.

Check out this seasonal comparison of Trigg Beach.   Summer is definitely the time to brush up on your surfing skills.  Big winter days at Trigg Point are the domain of experienced wave riders only.  Even the bikini babes and beach umbrellas go into hiding.  Except for the occasional British tourist still seen soaking up those winter rays on the sand.

Trigg Beach On A Business Day.


A classic Mettam's ride.

Mettam's Pool gets an extreme makeover during winter.   With no swell during summer, you can develop a false sense of security about this place.   It is essentially a reef break, so you must be mindful of the nasty jagged bits which can sometimes get close to the surface.  Once you work out where they all are, you can have some great fun on these waves.

If you must bump into a local surfer, do it
in the beach cafe over a cup of coffee.


Trigg Beach can become outright dangerous when a huge swell is running.  Just look at all those guys ducking for cover ahead of the advancing surfers.   The sea floor is mainly sand, though it never seems deep enough to make you feel comfortable on a big day.  Take off too late, and you'll be brushing sand out of your hair for a month. 

After you get dumped by a Trigg Point wave, you develop a greater respect for them.

These walls of water are so high, they exceed
council height limits.

Always look for waves that spill down from the crest.  These are much safer than dumping waves.  The various reef breaks south of Cottesloe Beach, are more forgiving than the northern beach breaks.  Providing you don't hit the reef.  You should also check out the Cable Station Artificial Reef.  Good luck!

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