Scarborough Beach

During the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, Scarborough becomes the most intensely patrolled beach in the world.   Between the patrol flags, expect to see over 30 Surf Lifesavers per linear metre.  With those sort of odds you can leave your floaties at home.    

Surf Lifesavers waiting for your floaties to deflate.

Surf Lifesavers waiting for a rescue opportunity at Scarborough Beach. 

Actually leaving your floaties at home might be a mistake.  Wear them with pride.  Having an international hotel on the foreshore means many visitors, take their very first plunge into the water at Scarborough.  Some don't check out the water depth, and find 20cm was just not enough for that double tumble dive.  It's much smarter to twist your neck checking out the beach babes, than trying to impress them.  Another hazard are the dangerous rips, that can drag unwary swimmers out to sea.  It is very important to swim between the beach patrol flags, and raise an arm skywards if you encounter any difficulty.

Colourful surf skis at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.


Surf skis at a Scarborough Surf Carnival.

Scarborough Beach during the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.

Scarborough Beach during the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.

During the summer months, thousands of people enjoy the white sands, and surf of Scarborough Beach every day.  It is very popular with swimmers, body boarders, and even kite surfers once the afternoon sea breeze arrives.  If swimming is not your thing, you can dine out at one of the many restaurants overlooking the Indian Ocean.  If your budget is tight, chillout on the lovely grassed areas, in the cool shade of a picnic gazebo.  If your budget is even tighter just enjoy the view, and consult a good financial adviser.

Spectators watching the Beach Flags competition.

Spectators enjoying the Beach Flags competition..

Surfing at Scarborough Beach.

Enjoying a wave at Scarborough Beach.  Stay clear of dangerous rips,
otherwise you might experience an unscheduled visit to Cape Leeuwin.

Competitors in the Beach Flags Event.

The Beach Flags: Where (X) number of athletes race to collect (X - 1) batons.  Which ever way you do the maths, it all adds up for an exciting competition.

Scarborough Beach.

Pictured here are two views of Scarborough Beach.  The top image is looking south towards Scarborough Beach.   The image below reveals a moderate swell breaking on the shore at Scarborough Beach.  The pine trees grow in the beach car park.  They block both the sun from your vehicle, and an otherwise stunning ocean view from a nearby residential complex.

Scarborough Beach Pine Trees.


Hotel on the Scarborough Beach foreshore.

On an average summer weekend, thousands of high powered car enthusiasts make a ritual pilgrimage to the Scarborough shores.  So expect the odd rev head at the traffic lights.  Only recently did I have the opportunity to read a Bugatti Veyron owner's manual.

Bugatti Veyron Service Manual

To maintain Factory Warranty:

  • Service engine and change oil every 5000 km.
  • Drive vehicle to Scarborough Beach every weekend, and rev engine loudly.

So if you like the sound of breaking waves, and the smell of Bugatti's in the morning, Scarborough Beach might just be your scene.

This hotel is so close to the water that the first three floors must check out before high tide.

Colourful surf skis at a Scarborough Beach Surf Carnival.

Once you park your car, find a spot for your surf ski,
it's off to the beach...... to find some space for your beach towel.

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