While not evoking the same emotional buzz as GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!, Perth began the 1960's with a mineral boom. 

Remote regions of Western Australia held massive deposits of minerals just waiting to be mined.  Perth now became the administrative centre for the new boom.  Many of the historical buildings of Boom One (Gold) were pulled down for the high rise developments of Boom Two (Minerals). The modern skyline of Perth was evolving dramatically.  Check out our article on Perth's tallest building.


Perth Skyline 1960's and today.

Doing Time.

Corporate empire building went into hyper drive during the 1980's.  Then suddenly everything crashed in 1987.  The State Government pulled off some dodgy deals with the local entrepreneurs, and many people, including the then Labour Premier, ended up in the slammer.  The era became known as "W.A. Inc.", in reference to all the shady Government business activity.

Another "Premier" view of Perth after WA Inc.


Things have settled down now, with a more responsible approach taken in developing the City.  People and the environment, are now an important consideration in the decision making process.  We no longer flatten our heritage buildings for hamburger outlets.  Perhaps one day we might even erect a half decent memorial to Willem de Vlamingh.

Perth overlooking the Swan River.

Perth: A modern vibrant city, despite lacking a half decent Vlamingh memorial.

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