Just like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Perth Beaches develop entirely different personalities during the winter months.  That friendly guy you got to like during the summer, can turn into a real monster mid year. Mettam's Pool is that kind of guy.


Mettam's is a natural rock pool protected by a surrounding reef.  During summer the water within the pool is very calm, making it very popular with families and the elderly.  There is a ramp running down to the water, which is ideal for prams and wheelchairs.  Shady gazebos and a small grassed area compliment the natural appeal of the beach.


Beyond the safety of the rock pool there are plenty of reefs to explore.  Mettam's Pool is located in a protected marine park, and makes a great starting point for a mini snorkelling expedition. 

Mettam's Pool
   A pleasant day at Mettam's Pool.
Mettam's Pool in watercolour.
The regular swimmers at Mettam's are a friendly bunch, so expect to receive the odd “hello”, or “beautiful day”.   Mettam's Pool is a picturesque corner of our coastline, where the watercolours of life fashion a canvas of Perth’s beach culture.
Art Materials.
A picture perfect day at Mettam's Pool.




Long before the era of Carbon Pricing and World Heritage Listings, the natural forces that created the wonder of Mettam's Pool, had a little assistance in finishing off the job.  Big guys with pick axes carved up the reef to form the profile we enjoy today.  Mother Nature was a sure bet to finish the job, though we couldn’t wait until the end of the Holocene Epoch.
Mettam's Pool B.C.
 Mettam's Pool B.C.  The controversial Stone Age    beach ball never got off the ground.


Even a pleasant summer day at Mettam's Pool can be ruined by Perth's regular afternoon sea breeze, known locally as the "Fremantle Doctor".  Life On Perth suggests you should be down the beach no later than mid morning.  The sea breeze is so strong, that on some days beach umbrellas arrive home before their owners.
The Fremantle Doctor sending an umbrella home.
  An umbrella departing for home.
Winter surf at Mettam's Pool.



During winter Mettam's undertakes an amazing transformation.  The pleasant family atmosphere vanishes, as huge winter waves roll into the bay. Surfboards quickly replace beach balls, as the memories of summer are crushed under pounding surf.


Mettam's produces some great winter rides, though be careful to avoid the jagged reef sections close to the shoreline.  Ouch!  So whether you prefer calm summer conditions, or powerful winter waves,  Mettam's Pool has a personality to suit everyone. 
Mettam's Pool.
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