The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Located on the most south-westerly point of Australia, the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse protects shipping, in one of the world's truly wild places.  You will be literally blown away by this place, and possibly never seen again.  

Cape Leeuwin and the Lighthouse.

Cape Leeuwin and the Lighthouse.

The lighthouse tour is a physical endurance challenge.  After seven floors, and 186 steps, you will be knocked senseless by the gale force winds on the viewing deck.  Air will be sucked from your lungs, as you steady your camera to secure that elusive photo of the Indian and the Southern Oceans converging.  You then return to your car exhausted, and covered in a sticky film of sea salt. 

Officially opened in 1896, you can only imagine the difficulty involved in building a 39 metre high lighthouse on Cape Leeuwin.  Constructed from local limestone, the foundation had to be excavated three times deeper than planned, to reach the secure bedrock below.  The original light was a kerosene wick lamp, which has now been replaced by a 1000 watt electric light globe.  The light can be seen 48 kilometres out to sea, which is just as well, as this is one treacherous corner of coastline.  Standing 56 metres above sea level, it is Western Australia's tallest lighthouse.

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.


The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

When oceans collide.

When you stand on Cape Leeuwin you can see both the Indian and Southern Oceans.  It's actually rather difficult to tell them apart, as the water looks much the same on both sides.  With Antarctica to the south, we decided it was probably the right time to head back to Perth. 

Opinion may be divided, but this is where
 we draw the line.


Looking back at the Lighthouse.


Your Last Meal.


Last stop before Antarctica.


If you decide to continue south, may
I suggest the pineapple fritters.


After arriving back home, you will probably sit back, and reflect on all the amazing places you visited in one day.  Actually.... you'll probably just flop into bed exhausted.


Sunset across Geographe Bay.

Sunset across Geographe Bay.



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