Lancelin Coastline

When in Lancelin, there is only one direction to follow...   and that's generally where the wind is blowing. 

The Lancelin Sand Dunes.

The Lancelin Dunes.

Lancelin is on the International Windsurfing Circuit, so gale force sea breezes are not a bad thing.  Unless you were on one of the fourteen ships, wrecked off this inhospitable coastline.  The Dutch ship Gilt Dragon (Vergulde Draeck) is located seven kilometres south, near Ledge Point.  Wrecked on the 28th April 1656, only 75 of the 200 crew made it ashore.   Isolated in pre-colonial Western Australia, the survivors mysteriously vanished, despite attempts to rescue them.  In 1931 forty silver guilder coins were found in the sand hills near the entrance to Moore River.  To make sure windsurfers are now the only people washed ashore, a lighthouse was established in 1984.  Known as the Guilderton Lighthouse, it is constructed of tapered red clay bricks, and is 32 metres tall.

Guilderton Lighthouse:  77 metres above sea level.


The Guilderton Lighthouse.

While the south-west region might be considered a paradise for wine tasting, the northern township of Lancelin is aimed directly at beer consumption and 4WD driver owners.  This might have something to do with the extensive snow white sand dunes located behind the townsite.

Sand dunes behind the houses of Lancelin.

Imagine having a sand pit this big in your backyard.

A bike rider jumping over a Lancelin sand dune.

The dunes loom behind the houses like a surreal moonscape, and driving over them is a popular pastime.  On any given day expect to see a multitude of dirt bikers, dune buggy drivers, and 4WD owners roaring over the dunes.  If you don't have the fancy hardware, sliding down the dunes on a sand board is another great way to have fun.

Taking a leap of faith over the dunes.


The Lancelin townsite bordered by the sand dunes and Indian Ocean.

Lancelin Townsite - Between the sand dunes and the Indian Ocean.

Nestled between the wind surfers, and the dune enthusiasts is the townsite of Lancelin.  It is easy to get caught up in all the action, and forget about the place that started it all.  Founded in 1950, Lancelin is a small fishing town, about 127 kilometres north of Perth.  It is situated along the edge of a bay, protected from the Indian Ocean by reefs and islands.  This provides a safe anchorage for the rock lobster fleet, and is ideal for recreational water activities.  Lancelin is also the home to a large population of sea lions and dolphins.

Fishing boats moored in the protected waters of Lancelin Bay.


Fishing boats moored in Lancelin Bay.

Lancelin Island.

Lancelin Island.

Guilderton on the mouth of the Moore River.

Moore River Mouth.

Guilderton and the
Moore River.

The Moore River mouth trying to meet the ocean.

When driving to Lancelin, be sure to visit the seaside towns of Guilderton, Seabird, and Ledge Point.  They are all located on the road to Lancelin, and provide a window into the life of small Australian fishing communities. 

Having Fun on the Lancelin Sand Dunes.

A 4WD owner in an up hill battle.


The Budget Tour - The walk back to the hotel really knocks you!


An over the hill 4WD owner.


These girls were on the Budget Tour.


Breaking the Speed of Sand.

What happens when you break the Speed of Sand.


Bike Riders. (Quad and Tri Wheelers)


A Dune Buggy flying the flag.


It's all down hill at the end of the day.


Dune Buggy flying the flag.


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