The Ellensbrook Homestead

When the Ellensbrook Homestead was established in 1857, it was isolated, and in the middle of nowhere.  Today it is still isolated, and in the middle of nowhere. 

This place is definitely worth a visit, just to appreciate how tough life was for the first settlers.  Ellensbrook was originally a six day journey from Busselton.  Being the first homestead established between Cape Naturaliste, and Cape Leeuwin, it has a rich history.  Alfred and Ellen Bussell developed Ellensbrook as the foundation for their dairying and beef business.  They farmed the property for eight years, before moving to Wallcliffe House on Margaret River.

The Ellensbrook Homestead.


The Ellensbrook Homestead.

Follow the Ellensbrook Road off Caves Road to visit the Homestead.  After you have checked out the property, continue down to the coastline, and you'll find a popular surfing spot, know guessed it... Ellensbrook.  Ever since Alfred Bussell named a creek flowing through the area after his wife, the Ellensbrook name has endured.  If the Bussell's had only foreseen the popularity of their local surf break, they may have never given up the property.

Surf at Ellensbrook.

The Ellensbrook Surf Break.

Margaret River meandering towards the Indian Ocean.

In 1865, the Bussell's relocated to the mouth of  the Margaret River, and built  the classic Wallcliffe House.   By all accounts Wallcliffe is a magnificent colonial house, but is now in private ownership.  So don't go knocking on the front door, unless you are a relative visiting at Christmas.

The Margaret River Mouth: Secret location of Wallcliffe House & another top surfing spot.




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