Cottesloe Beach

Just like a British seaside resort, only with real white sand and hot summer days to match.

Take me to the Cottesloe Reef. View from the Cottesloe Beach Groyne.

Cottesloe Beach.

During summer Cottesloe is Perth's premier swimming beach, attracting huge crowds from all over the metropolitan area.

Cottesloe Beach is a very trendy place to be seen. It even attracts people who don't go for a swim just in case they get their bathers wet.  The designer beach towels hit their peak as you venture up to North Cottesloe Beach. 

Summer on Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach during the peak of the Summer Fashion Season.

The Cottesloe Beach Pavilion.

The Cottesloe Beach Pavilion.

View from the Cottesloe Beach Groyne.

The beach is very commercial, with a healthy supply of hotels, restaurants, and seaside cafes. Grassed areas shaded by tall pine trees provide a perfect setting to enjoy the beach vista, or a tasty meal of "Fish and Chips".  The scenic pathway is also a popular place to catch the sun set on a balmy evening, or watch surfers on the nearby Cottesloe Reef.

The Cottesloe Pine Trees.


A nice day during Winter at Cottesloe Beach.

Another lazy afternoon by the seaside.

View from the Cottesloe Pine Trees.

Relaxing under the shade of the Cottesloe Pine Trees.

PERTH ALERT:  Cottesloe is a beach for those who want to be seen.  That means there must be a lot of people doing the looking.  Unless you want to end up as December on next years Perth Scenic Calendar,  keep a low profile and dress wisely.  Always wear a sun hat, shirt, and apply plenty of sunscreen lotion.


Cottesloe is a perfect beach for swimmers, or visitors who just want to spend a lazy afternoon by the seaside.  Even if your bathers are last seasons design, you are still very welcome (though not as much as last year).

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