Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is located just south of Scarborough Beach, and rates an honourable mention for one special reason.  People flock to Scarborough like seagulls to a chip.  They tend to forget about the less crowded Brighton Beach. 

Brighton Beach from the car park.

Brighton Beach during a public holiday. There are more undiscovered bays
in this car park, than in a section of unchartered coastline.

One has to wonder why. Brighton has the same enjoyable wave action of Scarborough and Trigg, without the hassle of overcrowding.  If you over indulged during winter, and don't fit into the swimsuit like last year, less people will notice.  Just be careful in the water, as the beach patrol spends most of it's time north on Scarborough Beach, rescuing British tourists.

Plenty of space to leave your beach towel.


Brighton Beach during a hot day in the middle of
the summer holidays.  More space than Star Wars.

Kite Surfing at Brighton Beach.

Enjoy the spectacle of Kite Surfing during a windy afternoon at Brighton.

PERTH ALERT:  Now that you know about Brighton Beach, you must keep it a secret.   If you must tell someone else, please whisper and never mention us.

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