The Boranup Forest

You cannot pass through the Boranup Forest without stopping your car to surround yourself in the magnificent Karri trees.  Particularly so, if you drank a litre of bottled spring water during the last ten kilometres.

Boranup Forest.

The Boranup Forest.

The majestic pale barked Karri trees reach heights of 60 metres or more.  The Karri is the third tallest tree in the world, and Boranup is the furthest west that they will grow.  If you walk down from Caves Road onto the forest floor, you will be dwarfed, and impressed by these giant trees.  Being roadside, the Boranup Forest is an ideal spot for the time starved tourist.

Giant Karri trees in the Boranup Forest

Giant Karri Trees.

Caves Road and Boranup Forest.

Surprisingly, Boranup is a regrowth forest, and is less than 120 years old.  During the 1880's a timber industry was established in the area, and the ancient forest was cleared.  It is hard to imagine, that all the trees we see today, are regrowth after extensive logging between 1884 and 1913.

Caves Road and Boranup Forest.


BORANUP ALERT:  The peaceful ambience of the Boranup Forest is regularly broken by the sound of cracking Karri branches.  It really adds to the whole experience, though be sure to run for cover if one falls your way.

YIKES! Branch falling from the canopy.

Always be on the alert for falling branches.

Boranup Forest.



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