The Amberley Estate Winery

The south-west region is dominated by vineyards and wineries, which all adds up to a grape time.

With wine tasting signs tempting you every kilometre, you can be easily distracted from sightseeing.  Life On Perth reckon you'll need at least a month, and an iron stomach to do all these wineries justice.     Even if you don't drink the stuff, the south-west experience would be incomplete without visiting one.  So we did.

Vineyard at Amberley Estate.

Vineyard at Amberley Estate.

Lovely garden at Amberley Estate.

With lovely gardens and spectacular vineyards, Amberley Estate is the perfect option for the tourist on a mission.  Amberley captures all the essential elements of a winery, and presents them in a friendly kind of way.  We stayed for a light lunch, and even though we were then forced to recalculate our petrol budget, we would have still selected "Fish of the Day".  Next time we will ask what "Market Price" means.

It was possible to wash the meal down with a bottle of Coke, though they would prefer if you selected a glass of Amberley's finest.


Laurance Wines.

Laurance Wines - Also worth a visit for it's pleasant surroundings.

However the south-west now extends an olive branch to non-drinkers.......

If you don't possess the proper vocabulary for wine tasting, why not visit an olive farm, and sample the good oil.  Olive farming is the latest growth industry in the region, and offers non-drinkers an opportunity to enjoy a near wine tasting experience.  Olive tasting is a pressure free environment and comments such as, "Hmmm.... that was yummy", are gladly accepted.  We visited a superb farm called "Olio Bello", and became olive experts in five minutes.  If our schedule was not so tight we would have stayed longer.  Next time we won't arrive five minutes before closing time.

Olive trees at Olio Bello.

Olive Trees at Olio Bello.



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